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Electric Water Pump

Are you looking for an electric pump for a Pond or to drain a pit or cellar, or maybe you need something more drastic like a sewage or drainage pump.

Or maybe you simply want to renovate your garden or simply want something to add to it that’s easy to do and just makes your garden more calming and serine? Well something simple and easy to do your self is a water feature, fountain or pond. You can make a fountain or a feature out of anything from the bathroom sink to a barrel. Also what is great about having flowing water in your garden all the time is that the sound of water has a calming and positive effect on the body allowing you to be more relaxed and stress free. There is nothing more soothing and calming than relaxing by the lake while the water floats by, now you can have the same effect in your back garden.

Now you’re thinking it is too difficult to create your own water feature but it’s not, all you need is one of our submersible electric pumps. They are fully submersible allowing them to be easier to install and a lot cheaper than other pumps and are also energy sufficient so you don’t have to worry about having your fountain running 24 hours a day.

It is recommended to have your water moving all the time so that the water can stay clean and health not green and murky because if you are planning on adding koi fish to your pond you need that water to be as healthy as possible. So just by having our pumps working all the time will allow that to happen without you having to do much maintenance on it at all.

In conjunction with our electric pump one can add a UV light and or a bio-filter to help maintain your pond.

If you however need a pump to drain out a pit or drain your septic, sewage tank, then we have a selection of electric, drainage and sewage pump to suit your needs.

Submersible Pump 5000L/h

DV-450-F Sewage Pump


DV 250AF Submersible Drainage Pump